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Unlock Your Productivity with Suits Coworking Membership

Welcome to Suits Coworking Space, where innovation meets collaboration. Discover a diverse range of membership plans meticulously designed to suit your unique work style and elevate your professional journey. Suits Coworking Membership is your key to a vibrant community, flexibility, and premium amenities that transform the way you work.

At Suits, we believe in the transformative power of the right workspace. Our carefully curated membership plans offer simplicity and flexibility, ensuring you have a workspace tailored to your requirements. Each Membership plan is a gateway to a dynamic community and an environment designed to enhance your professional life.


1 Gigabits/s Wi-Fi

Internet Bandwidth


On Desk hand Sanitizers for Regular Hygiene


On Desk USB Charging for Mobile Phones


Access to an Awesome Community


Free Unlimited Caffeine Kicks

 Explore Our Dedicated Coworking   Membership Plans 

At Suits Coworking Space, our dedicated coworking membership plans are designed with your professional success in mind. Have a glance over each of these plans.

xDesk Membership
INR 6000+GST Per Month.

Embark on flexibility with our xDesk Membership, priced at an affordable INR 6000+GST per month. This Suits Coworking Membership plan provides you with a dedicated workspace in our dynamic coworking environment.


Whether you're a freelancer or a professional seeking a personal desk, the xDesk Membership is a fantastic starting point.

3x Desk Membership - INR 18,000+GST Per Month.

Tailored for small teams or individuals who prefer multiple desks, the 3x Desk Membership is an ideal choice. Priced at INR 18,000+GST per month, this membership plan offers a collaborative space to boost your team's productivity.


Enjoy the flexibility of multiple workstations and the vibrant atmosphere of our coworking community.

5x Desk Membership - INR 30,000+GST Per Month.

For growing teams, the 5x Desk Membership is a gateway to an expansive workspace designed to foster creativity and efficient collaboration.


Priced at INR 30,000+GST per month, this Suits Coworking Membership plan provides ample space for your team to thrive and innovate.

6x Desk Membership - INR 35,000+GST Per Month.

Step into a realm of enhanced productivity with our 6x Desk Membership. Priced at INR 35,000+GST per month, this plan offers a spacious and comfortable environment for your team to collaborate seamlessly.


Experience the benefits of a dedicated and well-equipped workspace.

8x to 10x Desk Membership - INR 55,000+GST Per Month.

Tailored for larger teams, the 8x to 10x Desk Membership ensures ample space for everyone to work seamlessly.


Priced at INR 55,000+GST per month, this Suits Coworking Membership plan provides the ideal setting for collaboration and productivity on a larger scale.

Conference Room Membership - INR 2000+GST Per Day.

Need a professional space for crucial meetings or presentations? Our Conference Room Membership offers the perfect solution for INR 2000+GST per day. Access a well-equipped conference room to conduct business meetings, presentations, or workshops in a professional environment.


It's an excellent add-on to any existing membership plan.

 Why Suits Coworking Space   Membership? 

Your Suits Coworking Membership isn't just about a workspace; it's about unlocking a world of possibilities.


Community Synergy:

Join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. Suits Coworking Space Membership isn't just about a desk; it's about connecting with a community that propels your success.

location (2).png

Strategic Location Advantage:

Benefit from the strategic location of Suits Coworking Space, providing easy access to essential amenities and a central hub for your business activities. Your membership includes the advantage of a prime location for increased convenience.


Tailored Flexibility:

Our membership plans are tailored to fit the needs of solo entrepreneurs, growing teams, and businesses of all sizes. Suits Coworking Space Membership adapts to your requirements, providing a workspace that grows with you.


Diverse Networking Opportunities:

Engage in diverse networking opportunities within our community, unlocking possibilities for collaboration, partnerships, and business growth. Suits Coworking Space Membership extends beyond a workspace, fostering connections that matter.


Premium Work Environment:

Elevate your work experience with premium amenities, high-speed internet, and ergonomic furniture. Suits Coworking Space Membership ensures a thoughtfully designed, comfortable, and productive environment for your professional endeavours.


Eventful Workdays:

Experience eventful workdays with a calendar filled with workshops, seminars, and networking events. Suits Coworking Space Membership ensures that your professional journey is not just productive but also enriched with learning and collaboration opportunities.

We Invite You to Become Our Member

Explore our membership options, visit our coworking space, and become a part of the Suits community, where your success finds its space. Ready to enhance your work experience? Choose a Suits Coworking Membership plan today and unlock a world of possibilities.

Join Suits Coworking Space - Where Your Success Finds Its Space.


6000 +GST

3x Desk.

18,000 +GST

5x Desk.

30,000 +GST

6x Desk.

35,000 +GST

8x to 10x Desk.

55,000 +GST

Conference Room.

2000 +GST Per Day

Day Pass.

500 +GST

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